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Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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Table 1. Security Administrator System Related Documentation

For Information On

See Document

Use of Metasys System (online)


Creating User Views

Metasys Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793)

Use of Metasys System Configuration Tool (SCT) (offline)


Working with the Security Database

Metasys SCT Help (LIT-12011964)

Use of the Metasys UI, User Management, User Authorization (for Spaces), and Cyber Health Dashboard

Metasys UI Help (LIT-12011953)

Metasys System Basics

Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832)

Understanding Active Directory Service Concepts Related to the Metasys System

Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011279)

Use of the ODS System

Open Data Server Help (LIT-12011942)
Use of the OAS System Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013243)