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Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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Metasys software installs Windows services. These services include:
  • Device Manager (MetasysIII Device Manager)
  • ADS/ADX Action Queue (MetasysIII Action Queue)
  • Advanced Reporting Cache Refresh (Metasys Report Cache Refresh)
Upon startup, DBCCT checks the status of the Metasys services as shown in Table 1. The tool displays only the tabs and edit fields needed to configure the installed services. You cannot access these fields and tabs until all installed services are stopped. If the tool detects any services running, the editing fields appear as read-only and a message indicates the detected service. We recommend stopping these services before using the DBCCT.
Table 1. DBCCT Verified Services
Application Name Service or Application Pool Name


UI app pool

Activity Service app pool

Metasys Activity Service

Event Service app pool

Metasys Event Service

TimeSeries app pool

Metasys TimeSeries Service

Scheduler Service app pool

Metasys Scheduler Service

Authentication Service app pool

Health Service app pool

Object Service app pool

User Service app pool

Metasys III Device Manager Service

Metasys III Action Queue Service

Metasys app pool

Advanced Reporting System (ARS)

Metasys Report Cache Refresh

Metasys UI (Release 8.0 and 8.1)