Duplicate addresses - Verasys - LC-BYP200-0 - LC-ZEC310-0 - Field Device - BYP200 - ZEC310

Verasys ZEC310 Zone Damper and BYP200 Bypass Damper Controllers Installation Guide

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Two or more devices on a Communication bus cannot have the same address. If two devices on the same bus have the same address, performance can degrade or serious communication problems can occur. These problems include the devices not coming online and all communication stopping completely.

Depending on the severity of the situation, check for duplicate addresses in the following ways:

  • If the bus performance is degraded, check the address switch settings at the devices that have unreliable communication.
  • If a specific device is not communicating, disconnect that device and check if the device address remains online at the SBH.
  • If the bus communication problems are severe and no communication is present, or you cannot determine where communication is unreliable, disconnect and isolate a portion of the bus for testing purposes, and test the bus portion connected to the Zone Coordinator.