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Verasys ZEC310 Zone Damper and BYP200 Bypass Damper Controllers Installation Guide

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The ZEC310 Zone Damper Controller and BYP200 Bypass Damper Controller are components of the Verasys® zoning system. The controllers run a pre-engineered HVAC zoning application and provide the inputs and outputs required for this application. These controllers ship with a factory-configuration that makes them ready for field installation on a Verasys system zone or bypass damper assembly.

The zone and bypass damper controllers include advanced operating modes and multiple features that ensure occupant comfort. The ZEC uses a CO2 demand controlled ventilation (DCV) mode to regulate CO2 levels within a zone. The ZEC uses the DCV mode when fresh air enters the zone during occupied times. Occupancy sensing capability enables the controller to switch from occupied mode to standby mode based on the presence of local activity. Standby mode maximizes energy savings by using higher cooling setpoints and lower heating setpoints than in occupied mode.

See the Table 1 table for additional information about optional sensor features. For further information about Verasys configurations, refer to the Verasys System User’s Guide (LIT-12012371).