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Verasys Smart Building Hub (SBH) Installation Guide LC-MAP1860-1SL

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Table 1. Launch Issues Troubleshooting Information
Problem Resolution
You are not directed to the Smart Building Hub login page when you launch a web browser. Reason

Device behavior can vary based on the device and Internet browser in use. For instance, some devices cache browser information and do not automatically redirect you to the Smart Building Hub login page when the browser is launched.


Direct your browser to

After the controller or HVAC device to which a Smart Building Hub is connected is upgraded, the connected Smart Building Hub no longer displays active or current data. Resolution

Unplug the Smart Building Hub from the Field Controller (FC) bus, then plug the Smart Building Hub back in.

Every time I install the SSL certificate on my device, it asks me to re-install it. What should I do? Resolution

1. Verify that the time on your client device is correct. If the device time is not current (for example, after a hard reset), close the browser, set the time, and then try to install the certificate.

2. Check your web browser settings and verify that cookies are enabled.

When I install the SSL key or certificate, I receive the message Error Saving SSL Settings. When an SSL key or certificate is very corrupted, the SSL page detects it and alerts you to the corrupted key or certificate.

However, if the corruption is minor, for example, an extra space was copied while installing the certificate or a character was missed, the UI does not detect the problem and allows the corrupted key or certificate to be saved. The server detects the error and returns the Error Saving SSL Settings message. While this correctly prevents the bad key or certificate from being used, it does not inform you as to the source of the problem.

In this case, reinstall the SSL key or certificate as described in the Smart Building Hub Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012324).