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Verasys Smart Building Hub (SBH) Installation Guide LC-MAP1860-1SL

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The Smart Building Hub communicates status using LEDs to indicate the following functional states:
  • power
  • fault
  • FC bus communication
  • Ethernet communication
  • Wi-Fi strength

See Table 1 for a comprehensive list of Smart Building Hub LED functional information.

Table 1. Smart Building HUB LED Designations and Descriptions


Color Normal Descriptions/Other Conditions
Power Green On Steady(no flashing) Off = No power

On Steady = Power supplied by primary voltage

Fault Red Off Off = No faults/normal operation

On Steady = Missing hardware, missing software, operating system has not yet initialized, or reset is in progress.

Slow Flicker (1 blink per second) = Software upgrade in progress

Medium Flicker (2 blinks per second) = Startup sequence

Fast Flicker (5 blinks per second) = Fault

FC Bus Green Flicker Off = Receiving data

On Steady = Transmitting data

Flicker = Data transmission

Ethernet Green On Steady Off = Communication not established

On Steady = Communication established

Flicker = Data transmission

Wi-Fi Yellow On Steady Off = No Wi-Fi signal

Wi-Fi strength is indicated by the number of LEDs that are lit, with one lit LED indicating weak wireless signal strength (between 1%and 49%) and three lit LEDs indicating excellent wireless signal strength (at least 75%).