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Verasys Smart Building Hub (SBH) Installation Guide LC-MAP1860-1SL

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The Smart Building Hub is the base controller for the Verasys Building Automation System and provides wired and wireless connections and plug and play configuration between all Smart Equipment layers and controls.

Offering many-to-one, multi-client connectivity, the Smart Building Hub gives you access to any Smart Equipment device that is directly connected on a BACnet® MS/TP field bus, Zone Coordinator, or Input/Output Module (IOM). The Smart Building Hub has a built-in wireless access point, and allows personnel to use an intuitive, browser-based interface to access advanced features like fault detection, alarms, and point configuration.

The wireless connection on the Smart Building Hub allows users to be up to 31 m (100 ft, line of sight) away indoors and up to 91 m (300 ft, line of sight) away outdoors while using a supported mobile device. The user interface is accessed either over Wi-Fi or an existing Ethernet network on site.

The Smart Building Hub is permanently mounted onto a DIN rail or attached with screws to a stable, flat surface and plugged into the FC bus of a field controller. Power may be supplied through the Field Controller (FC) bus or through the included AC power supply.