Permanent Mounting Options - Verasys - LC-MAP1860-1SL - Supervisory controller - MAP1860

Verasys Smart Building Hub (SBH) Installation Guide LC-MAP1860-1SL

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We recommend the following ways to mount the unit:

  • vertically (upright and flush)
  • horizontally (sideways and flush)
  • perpendicularly (perpendicular to the wall)

This flexibility allows the unit to be mounted in a way that minimizes spacial constraints and maximizes placement options for optimal wireless signal strength. The unit should be mounted in such a way that labels can be read if they are visible. (For example, do not mount the unit upside down, which puts the labels upside down.)

The mounting bracket can be attached to a 35 mm (1-1/8 in.) DIN rail or a flat, vertical surface. Mounting the unit on a ceiling or in a way that positions the front of the unit facing down is not recommended.

Although the bracket has two mounting clips, only the bottom clip snaps inward. The top clip is permanently locked in the outward position, and it can be used as an additional hole for screwing the bracket into place. If not utilized for DIN rail or surface mounting, the top and bottom clips may be removed from the mounting bracket.

Regardless of which mounting configuration is used, a locking screw can be used to secure the unit into the mounting bracket. (Do not over-tighten the locking screw.)

Figure 1. Stationary Mounting with Locking Screw