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To get all available samples using a specific time filter, use the GetSamples method. The library delivers a PagedResult that contains a list of Sample. The GetSamples method accepts the GUID of the object, the attribute ID, and a TimeFilter object to filter the response.

Table 1. Get trend samples .NET signature
Library method name GetSamples
Description To get available trends samples
Method signature PagedResult<Sample> GetSamples(Guid objectId, int attributeId, TimeFilter filter);
Method input parameters
  • objectId: GUID of the object the method targets and retrieves the trend samples.
  • attributeId: numeric identifier of the attribute configured for the trend.
  • filter: filter object that specifies the start time and the end time the method uses to filter the target samples.
Return value A PagedResult of Sample.
The following .NET C# code is an example of a successful get trends response:
Guid trendedObjectId = client.GetObjectIdentifier("Win2016-VM2:vNAE2343701/Field Bus MSTP1.VAV-08.ZN-T");
// Get attributes where trend extension is configured
List<Attribute> trendedAttributes = client.Trends.GetTrendedAttributes(trendedObjectId);
int attributeId = trendedAttributes[0].Id;
TimeFilter timeFilter = new TimeFilter
    StartTime = new DateTime(2020, 5, 12),
    EndTime = new DateTime(2020, 5, 13)
PagedResult<Sample> samplesPager = client.Trends.GetSamples(trendedObjectId, attributeId, timeFilter);              
// Prints the number of records fetched and paging information
Console.WriteLine("Total:" + samplesPager.Total);
Console.WriteLine("Current page:" + samplesPager.CurrentPage);
Console.WriteLine("Page size:" + samplesPager.PageSize);
Console.WriteLine("Pages:" + samplesPager.PageCount);
Current page:1
Page size:100
Sample firstSample = samplesPager.Items.FirstOrDefault();
    "Value": 82.0,
    "Unit": "deg F",
    "Timestamp": "2020-05-12T05:00:00Z",
    "IsReliable": true