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Metasys REST Client for .NET and COM Developer Guide

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Basic Services client library for .NET (and COM)
Metasys API
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API Reference Guide
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Install NuGet packages using Microsoft package consumption workflow. For more information, see

If you want to use the DLL in a .NET application, include the following .NET C# code in the target source files;
using JohnsonControls.Metasys.BasicServices;

To install the DLL, consume the package using one of the following options:

  • Consuming the package using the PackageReference method.
    • Add the following code to the project's .csproj file:
          <PackageReference Include="JohnsonControls.Metasys.BasicServices" Version="<target version>" />
  • Consuming the package using the command line interface
    1. Open a command line and navigate to your project's main directory.
    2. Execute the following command:
      nuget install JohnsonControls.Metasys.BasicServices -OutputDirectory packages
    3. Update all packages with command:
      nuget restore

    If you want an alternative to using the command line, use Microsoft Visual Studio. The following image shows a successful package install.

Figure 1. Package installation using Microsoft Visual Studio®