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To get equipment serving a specific space, use the GetSpaceEquipment method to retrieve the points mapped to an equipment instance.

Table 1. Get equipment serving a space .NET signature
Library method name GetSpaceEquipment
Description Get equipment for a specific space.
Method signature IEnumerable<MetasysObject>GetSpaceEquipment(Guid spaceId);
Method input parameters spaceId: GUID of the space object that the method targets and returns the equipment objects.
Return value A collection of MetasysObject that represent equipment in a space.
The following .NET C# code is an example of get space equipment and children call:
IEnumerable<MetasysObject> spaceEquipment = client.GetSpaceEquipment(building.Id);
IEnumerable<MetasysObject> spaceChildren = client.GetSpaceChildren(building.Id);
MetasysObject sampleSpaceEquipment = spaceEquipment.FirstOrDefault();