Zone bus terminal block - Verasys - Field Device - VEC100

Verasys Equipment Controller (VEC) Installation Guide

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The zone bus terminal block is a grey, removable, 4-terminal plug that fits into a board-mounted jack. Wire the removable zone bus terminal block plugs on the controller on the top row of the stacked connector, and other field controllers in a daisy-chain configuration using 3-wire twisted, shielded cable as shown in the following figure. See Table 1 for more information.

Figure 1. Zone bus terminal block wiring
Table 1. Zone bus daisy chaining configuration
1 Terminating device on the zone bus
2 Zone bus terminal block plugs
3 Daisy-chained device on a zone bus segment
4 Connects to the next device on the zone bus.
Note: The zone bus shield (SHD) terminal is isolated and can be used to connect (daisy chain) the shields for zone bus wiring.