Setting the device addresses - Verasys - Field Device - VEC100

Verasys Equipment Controller (VEC) Installation Guide

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Use the local display or Smart Building Hub (SBH) to set up device addresses. Before operating field controllers on a bus, you must set a valid and unique device address for each controller on the bus.

On the zone bus, device addresses 4 through 127 are the valid addresses for VECs.

Refer to the Verasys BACnet MS/TP Communications Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012362) for more information on field controller device addresses and how to set them on MS/TP buses.

Table 1. Zone bus device address description
Device Address Use on Description
0 Reserved for Zone Bus Supervisory Controller (not for use on field controllers).
1 to 3 Reserved for peripheral devices (not for use on field controllers).
4 to 127 Used for MS/TP master devices (field controllers) that are hard-wired to a sensor bus or zone bus.