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P598 Series Electronic Pressure Transducers Product Bulletin

PENN Controls
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P598 Electronic Pressure Transducer
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Product Bulletin
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You can mount the compact, lightweight P598 Series transducer directly to most refrigeration equipment pressure tap ports.

  • Risk of Property Damage
  • Mount the pressure control separately from the electrical cabinet and seal all electrical piping to prevent corrosive gases from migrating to electrical components. Where there may be exposure to corrosive gases, use only compatible control modules and pressure connections. System shutdown due to improper adjustment may cause property damage.
  • When you install the P598 Series transducers, observe all regulations governing the handling and containment of hazardous or regulated materials, such as refrigerants or lubricants
  • Locate pressure tap points on the top side of the refrigerant lines to reduce the risk of equipment damage or malfunction caused by accumulation of oil, liquids, or sediment at the transducer-to-refrigeration port pressure connection.
  • Position the transducer away from compressor discharge to avoid severe pressure pulsations on high-side pressure connections.