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P598 Series Electronic Pressure Transducers Product Bulletin

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P598 Electronic Pressure Transducer
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Product Bulletin
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Observe the following guidelines when you wire the P598 Series transducer:

  • Make sure that wiring conforms to the regional, national, and local electrical codes and regulations.
  • Do not exceed the transducer's electrical ratings. See P598 Series Electronic Pressure Transducers technical specifications for more information.
  • Do not extend the wiring harness leads more than 76 m (250 ft). To extend wiring harness leads, use a 22 AWG stranded, twisted, 3-wire shielded cable.
  • Do not run low-voltage cable in conduit or wiring troughs with high-voltage wires.
  • Make sure that the shielded cable terminates according to code and the control’s instructions.