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A25 Series Warm Air Control with Manual Reset Product/Technical Bulletin

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A25 Warm Air Limit Control
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Product Bulletin
Technical Bulletin
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Setpoint Adjustment: Loosen the cover screw (Figure 1) and remove the cover. Adjust the setpoint by rotating the adjusting screw. When adjusted, re-install the cover. Tighten cover screw.

Test Procedure:

To test (trip) the A25: Raise the temperature at the sensor above the setpoint or lower the setpoint below the ambient temperature. The control should lockout (trip).

To reset after test: Lower the temperature at the sensor to 20F° (11C°) below the setpoint or raise the setpoint to 20F° (11C°) above the ambient temperature. Press the reset lever. The A25 should reset (closing the circuit).

Reset Procedure: Verify that the temperature has dropped 20F° (11C°) below setpoint. Press the reset lever to reset the A25 (closing the circuit).

Figure 1. Model A25CP