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A25 Series Warm Air Control with Manual Reset Product/Technical Bulletin

PENN Controls
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A25 Warm Air Limit Control
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Product Bulletin
Technical Bulletin
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  1. After completing the installation and wiring procedures, turn on the power to the circuit.
  2. Raise the supply air temperature to the setpoint temperature.
    Note: The supply air temperature can be raised by simulating a fan failure or restricting the return air flow.
  3. When the system shuts down, determine the temperature at the A25 sensing element. The temperature reading should closely approximate the A25’s setpoint at which the system is shut down and (if applicable) the alarm or signal is activated.
  4. Return the system to normal operation by re-establishing air flow or by restarting the fan.
  5. Press the reset lever. The system should restart and the alarm or signal (if applicable) should shut off.