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Verasys Enterprise Security and IT Guide

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Verasys Enterprise is hosted on Microsoft Azure. The following figure shows the architecture of Verasys Enterprise on the cloud and the data flow to an SBH and to the management computer.

Figure 1. Verasys Enterprise cloud architecture

The Microsoft Azure cloud storage platform consists of the following components:

Verasys Enterprise application

The Verasys Enterprise application contains the user interface client, a back-end server, and a database.

Data platform APIs

The data platform is a collection of services that collect and serve building objects and time series data. The data platform serves multiple applications. The Verasys SBHs interact with the data platform Identity Management Service (IMS) API, security API, and time series API. The IMS authenticates Verasys Enterprise users, the SBHs, and all requests to the APIs in the data platform.

The data adapter collects site data with Azure IoT hub and stores data in a database. IoT hub includes the following functionality:
  • Provides reliable device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging at scale.
  • Enables secure communications with per-device security credentials and access control.
  • Provides monitoring for device connectivity and device identity management events.
  • Includes device libraries for the most popular languages and platforms.

The time series API posts and pulls time series samples and data. The time series API contains an event hub service that provides event and telemetry ingress to the cloud at massive scale, with low latency and high reliability.

The SBH communicates with the data adapter and data platform services over HTTPS.

The production and non-production environments on the Verasys Enterprise cloud are isolated. No developer tools are allowed on the production environment.