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F59 Series Liquid Level Switch For Sump Operation Product Bulletin

PENN Controls
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F59 Sump Pump Switch
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Product Bulletin
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The contact block has been proven on thousands of Johnson Controls pump switches. High contact force is maintained right up to the contact break point. The F59A, F59B and F59H switches have two-pole contact units rated at 1 hp, 120/240 VAC. The F59D switches have one-pole contact units rated at 1/2 hp, 120 VAC only. The switch block is factory set and sealed. No field adjustment of this unit is necessary. A universal mounting bracket or fixed mounting bracket is attached to the case for mounting. The fixed mounting bracket can be reversed in the field and remounted on the opposite side of the case in the holes provided. Weights and 36 in. non-corrosive cable are normally supplied but the switch can be ordered less weight assembly.

Figure 1. F59H-1 with fixed mounting bracket for conduit wiring