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What's New at Metasys Release 10.0

Metasys System
Release Note

The following software product changes are introduced at Release 10.0:

  • The Metasys System Secure Data Access dynamic-link library (DLL) is no longer supported at Release 10.0. This DDL allowed developers to build custom applications that could retrieve and update object attribute information in the Metasys network.
  • The Remote Services Connection, also known as the Panoptix connector, is no longer supported at Release 10.0.
  • Integration between the P2000 Security Management System and the Metasys Building Automation System is no longer supported at Release 10.0. Customers who currently use this integration should not upgrade their systems to Release 10.0.
  • N1 integration is no longer supported on network engines (NIE55 and NIE85) upgraded to 10.0.
  • Modems and pagers are no longer supported on network engines upgraded to 9.0.7 or 10.0.
  • Sites with the Metasys System for Validated Environments (MVE) application do not have an upgrade path to Release 10.0. The next minor release, Metasys system Release 10.1, will provide an upgrade option for MVE sites.
  • Small-capacity network engine models (NAE352x-2, NIE392x-2, NAE452x-2, NIE492x-2, NCE252x-0 or NIE292x-0s) with the LonWorks® network interface do not support the Release 9.0.7 patch. These models remain at Release 9.0 or earlier and continue to function on a Metasys system network upgraded to Release 10.0. However, large-capacity network engines and software-based models with a LonWorks interface (NAE552x-2, NAE552x-3, NIE592x-3, and LCS85SW-0) do support an upgrade to Release 10.0.
  • The following integrations are not available for network engines that are updated to Release 9.0.7 or Release 10.0: wireless receiver supervisor and Honeywell® XL5K.