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Y68 Series Transformer Cover Assemblies for M100 Series Motor Actuators Product Bulletin

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Figure 1. Y68 Series transformer cover assembly

The Y68 Series cover assembly transformer is specifically designed for use with M100 Series motor actuators. Y68 Series transformers fit directly on top of the actuator, replacing the old cover with a combination transformer and cover assembly.

Y68 Series transformers provide 24 VAC required for operation of M100A Series, M100F Series, M100G Series, M100J Series, M100M Series, and M100Q Series motor actuators. You can order Y68 Series transformers with primary voltages of 120 VAC and 240 VAC. You can also order a 24 VAC to 24 VAC isolation transformer model.

Note: Y68 Series transformers are not compatible with M100C Series or M100E Series motor actuators.