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Y68 Series Transformer Cover Assemblies for M100 Series Motor Actuators Product Bulletin

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Note: Allow approximately 5 in. of clearance above the Y68 Series transformer for cover removal and wiring access.


Figure 1. M100 Series actuator with the original cover

  1. Loosen the two cover screws on the M100 Series actuator using a 1/4 in. flat-blade screwdriver and remove the existing cover.

Figure 2. Wiring diagram

Table 1. Primary wire colors
Code number Primary voltage Wire colors
Y68AA-1 120 VAC White and black (one each)
Y68DA-1 240 VAC Yellow and black (one each)
Y68HA-1 24 VAC Brown/white, orange/white
Note: Refer to the preceding table and the Y68 Series Transformers for M100 Series Motor Actuators Product Bulletin (LIT-125765), M100F Series Incremental Motor Actuator with R81F Interface Board Product Bulletin (LIT-121351), M100G Series Proportional Actuator with VDC or mA Control Input R81GAA-2 Interface Board Product Bulletin (LIT-2681295), M100J Series Proportional Motor Actuator with R81J Interface Board Product Bulletin (LIT-121355), and M100M Series Proportional Motor Actuator R81M Interface Board Product Bulletin (LIT-121357) for important product application information.
  1. Connect the wires from the Y68 Series transformer to the M100 Series actuator circuit board according to the preeceding figure and table.

Figure 3. Y68 Series transformer cover assedmbly mounted on an M100 Series actuator

  1. Install the Y68 Series transformer cover assembly using a 1/4 in. flat-blade screwdriver.