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Verasys ZEC510 VAV Controllers Installation Guide

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Figure 1. ZEC510-1 - flow diagrams
Figure 2. ZEC510-1 - controller wiring diagram
Table 1. ZEC510-1 - controller wiring diagram
Number Description Name on the Verasys user interface Terminal label Object name Signal type
1 24 V HOT power transformer n/a
2 24 V COM power transformer
3 Electric heat safeties
4 Optional. Heating stage command 1 HEATING STAGE COMMAND 1 OUT1 HTG1-C 24 VAC on/off, internally sourced
5 Optional. Heating stage command 2 HEATING STAGE COMMAND 2 OUT2 HTG2-C 24 VAC on/off, internally sourced
6 Optional. Supply fan command SUPPLY FAN COMMAND OUT3 SF-C 24 VAC on/off, internally sourced
7 Optional. Supplemental heating stage command SUPPLEMENTAL HEATING STAGE COMMAND OUT4 SUPHTG1-C 24 VAC on/off, externally sourced
8 Optional. Heating stage command 3 HEATING STAGE COMMAND 3 OUT5 HTG3-C 24 VAC on/off, externally sourced
9 Pressure ports. No polarity n/a
10 Manual override
11 Optional. Supply air temperature sensor TE-631GV-2. SUPPLY AIR TEMPERATURE IN3 SA-T Nickel 1K RTD

Dry Contact, Normally Open

Normally Closed is configurable

through the interface

13 Occupancy sensor OLS-2100-1. To red wire occupancy switch
14 Occupancy sensor OLS-2100-1. To neutral occupancy switch
15 Optional. Discharge air temperature sensor TE-631GV-2. DISCHARGE AIR TEMPERATURE IN1 DA-T Nickel 1K RTD
16 To next device n/a
17 From last device
18 See riser schedule to determine the EOL device. You must set the EOL switch to the ON position on the EOL device.
19 Zone temperature sensor NSB8BTN240-0. The connector is located on the back of the sensor. ZONE TEMPERATURE SENSOR BUS ZN-T Sensor Actuator (SA) bus
20 Optional. Zone CO2 sensor NS-BCN7004-0. The connector is located on the back of the sensor. ZONE AIR QUALITY or ZONE CO2 SENSOR BUS ZN-CO2
  • Heating or fan contactors are in the VAV box. The VAV controller binary outputs switch the common. OUT1, OUT2, and OUT3 are 24 V HOT continuously.
  • You can average up to five NS sensors. Connect the NS sensors in a daisy-chain configuration using the addresses in the Configuring the NS sensors section. The fifth sensor must have the fixed address 199.
  • If you install CO2 Net sensors, in addition to the 24 VAC power for the controller, you must also supply 24 VAC power to the HOT and COM terminals.