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Verasys ZEC510 VAV Controllers Installation Guide

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  • When the zone temperature is between the occupied heating and cooling setpoints inside of the bias, the primary air damper is at the minimum flow setpoint, and no mechanical heating runs.
  • When the zone temperature rises above the cooling setpoint, the primary air damper increases the flow, and no mechanical heating runs.
  • When the zone temperature falls below the heating setpoint, the system uses supplemental heating first, then box heating. The damper remains at a minimum flow setpoint during the heating period.
  • One exception to the above staging procedure is if the ZEC510 controls hot water valves and the Control Application Type is set to Incremental. The system assumes that there is an incremental water valve and you can set Dual Max Enable to Enable. This option can provide tighter control of air exiting the box.
  • The box reheat and supplemental reheat are a box option. You have a cooling only box if you do not choose either reheat or supplemental reheat.