Wiring considerations and guidelines - Verasys - LIT-12014167 - LC-TMR100-0 - Wireless Device - TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide - 4.2

Verasys TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide

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TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide
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Installation Guide
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Follow these guidelines when wiring a TMR:

  • Route external wires at least 50 mm (2 in.) away from the sides of the TMR housing.
  • Provide slack in the wires. Keep wires routed neatly around the TMR to promote good ventilation, LED visibility, and ease of service.
  • Mount and wire the TMR within 100 ft (30 m) from the attached MS/TP controller.
Important: Do not connect supply power to the TMR before finishing wiring and checking all wiring connections. Short circuits or improperly connected wires may result in permanent damage to the TMR.
Important: Use copper conductors only. Make all wiring in accordance with local, national, and regional regulations. The TMR is a low-voltage (less than 30 VAC) device. Do not exceed the TMR’s electrical ratings.
Important: Prevent any static electric discharge to the TMR. Static electric discharge can damage the TMR and void any warranties.