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Verasys TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide

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TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide
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When selecting an AREA/PAN OFFSET for a wireless network, consider the following points:

  • All devices within one wireless network must be set to the same AREA and PAN OFFSET settings. Set the AREA and PAN Offset on the TMR-Coordinator first, and then all of the related TMR-Routers to match.
    • Actual PAN = 1000 + (AREA*100) + (PAN OFFSET)
  • The AREA switch is also used to set the MS/TP Address of the TMR on the MS/TP Bus. Ensure that no other MS/TP devices on the System Bus are set to this address.
    • MS/TP Addr = 118 + AREA switch setting
  • When multiple TMRs are wired to the same SBH200 or MS/TP segment, they must be in Coordinator Mode and their AREA switch set to a unique value. This ensures that the Actual PAN and MS/TP Address settings are unique.
Figure 1. TMR Router Rotary Switches
Important: To avoid RF interference, assign a unique AREA/PAN setting to each TMR wireless network in a building. Is is important to use a unique AREA/PAN setting if you have TMR wireless networks on adjacent floors or sections of a building. Do not use the same AREA/PAN OFFSET on multiple TMR wireless networks in a building, even if their RF transmission ranges do not overlap.
For example, in Figure 1:
  • Actual PAN = 1128 = 1000 + (1*100) + 28

    MS/TP address = 119 = 118 + 1