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Verasys TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide

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TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide
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Installation Guide
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About this task

After properly mounting, wiring, and setting the AREA/PAN OFFSET switches, complete the following steps to add a new device to the TMR wireless network:


  1. Apply power to the SBH200 and TMR.
  2. Verify the TMR is in Coordinator Mode (Yellow LED).
  3. Momentarily press the Join Push button on the TMR Coordinator or from the SBH200 UI to open the Wireless Network.
  4. Verify the network is open (Red LED).
  5. Apply power to the remote MS/TP Equipment/TMR.
  6. Verify the TMR is wired to controller and the TMR is in router mode (Green LED).
  7. Within one minute the network is open, the TMR Router joins the Wireless Network (Red LED).
  8. Verify the RF signal quality (LED Blink pattern).
  9. Verify the MS/TP Equipment is discovered in the SBH200 UI.
  10. After approximately one hour, the wireless network automatically closes and the TMR LEDs on the wireless network return to their normal state.
  11. To verify signal quality, quickly press or release the Join Push button on the TMR Router. The LED blinks the signal quality.
    Note: It takes up to 15 seconds for the TMR to enter the Normal State (Green or Red LED). If the TMR remains in a Warning State (Purple LED), further investigation is required.
    Note: After initially joining the Wireless Network, the TMR may automatically receive a firmware update if required (Aqua LED). It may take up to 15 minutes to complete the firmware update.
    Note: If the TMR does not enter the correct Coordinator or Router mode, Yellow LED or Green LED respectively, you may need to manually set the mode. See Table 1.