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Verasys TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide

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TMR Series Wireless Router Installation Guide
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Installation Guide
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Follow these guidelines when you locate a TMR within a wireless system:

  • You can install the TMR wireless router on wall, wall box, conduit, or ceiling grid.
  • Locate the TMR so that it is easily accessible.
  • For best signal transmission, orient the TMR with at least 50 mm (2 in.) exposed below and clear of any pipes, ductwork, or other metal obstructions.
  • Locate the TMR in line-of-sight with as many other TMR's as possible. At a minimum, two other TMR Routers.
  • If you mount the TMR in recessed areas, metal enclosures, shelving units, or on surfaces it can attenuate or block RF signals and reduce the effective range of the wireless transmissions.
  • If feasible, mount the TMR outside of mechanical rooms, as many mechanical rooms excessively attenuate the radio signal.
  • Position the TMR Router within 250 ft (75 m) of other Routers with the same AREA/PAN setting.
  • Locate all wireless devices that have the same AREA/PAN setting on the same floor.
  • Avoid metal obstructions and concrete or brick walls between the TMR and the associated wireless devices.
  • Avoid configurations where a microwave oven is located between two wireless devices. At a minimum, ensure no microwave ovens are within 20 ft (6 m) of a TMR or any wireless controllers.
  • Use the included Hook-and-loop fastener to mount the TMR on a flat surface for indoor environments.
Note: If you need to mount the TMR inside an enclosure due to local codes or for weather resistance, mount it inside an appropriately rated plastic or fiberglass enclosure and route cable. You can mount the TMR up to 100 ft (30 m) from the MS/TP controller it is attached to.
Note: For detailed information on location guidelines for a TMR Series system, and to estimate the number of TMR Routers needed as repeaters to extend wireless transmission range, refer to the Verasys TMR Series Wireless Best Practices (LIT-12014163).