Configuring inputs - Verasys - LIT-12013364 - LC-VAC1000-0 - Smart equipment controller - VAC1000 - 4.2

Verasys Sideloop Controller Application Note

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You can configure the following types of inputs for the sideloop application:

  • Binary input: dry contact, maximum four
  • Analog input: resistive, voltage with different curves, or current, maximum five
  • Sensor Actuator Bus (SAB): network sensors

You have the option of using a binary input or analog input for monitoring or alarming, even if they are not in use in any of the control loop strategies. You can also define the alarm event as Critical, Service Priority, or Service.

You can configure the following analog input types for a control loop strategy:

  • SAB sensor: you can select temperature, humidity, and CO2 as an input. The address range is from 199 to 206.
  • Wired AI sensor: you can configure the analog input hardware point to read any of the following parameters: temperature, humidity, CO2, light sensor, refrigerant, building pressure, steam pressure, voltage, and current.
  • Network Shared: you can use the network-shared temperature sensor value for a control loop strategy. For example, you can share the outdoor air temperature over the network for the analog control loop 1 PID as the process variable.