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The Verasys Lighting Application Control Panel assembly features a pre-wired, pre-assembled, and pre-programmed, BACnet® commercial lighting control panel solution with a Verasys controller with the lighting application pre-loaded, or an Input/Output controller with the application already loaded.

The Verasys Lighting Panel controller is an application-specific BACnet controller that controls lighting contactors which are remote or locally mounted in the panel. This application allows lighting control to be split into multiple zones where it can be scheduled, controlled by a light-level sensor, or a combination of both. The Verasys BACnet enabled controller allows easy integration with other BACnet-ready devices.

Such a turnkey solution helps lighting system integrators achieve installation efficiency and adherence to technical safety standards for lighting system installations in North America and Canada. A separate panel model has only the Input/Output Module included with the panel.

The control panel assembly is available in a NEMA 1 steel enclosure. This footprint enclosure is optimal for wall mounting in space-constrained locations. Refer to the Verasys Lighting Controller Application Note (LIT-12012524) and Verasys 18 Point 24VAC Application Controller Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10143-01477) for additional information.

Figure 1. Verasys Lighting Application Control Panel with contactors