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Verasys Enterprise Security and IT Guide

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Verasys Enterprise
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The Verasys Enterprise is hosted on OBC. OBC uses industry-standard security methods to keep customer data safe and separate from other customers' data.

The Identity Management Service (IMS) Okta is a single sign-on (SSO) solution that authenticates, Verasys Enterprise users, the SBH300, and all requests to the APIs in the OBBAS cloud platform.

The SBH300 communicates with the data platform in OData JSON. All communication is encrypted. Each SBH300 contains the unique secret and credentials that are required for Okta to generate the access token.

When you navigate to the Verasys Enterprise web user interface in the browser, your browser redirects to the Okta login page. After you log in with your user credentials, Okta redirects back to the application dashboard. The Verasys Enterprise application uses the access token to communicate with the Data Platform REST APIs over HTTPS.

The time series API contains Access Control List (ACL) permissions for each time series identifier for the customer organization, or user rights to post or pull time series API data. The entity data is stored in a separate logical partition for each customer.