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Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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Use the following list to understand the tuning parameters you can select:

  • Proportional Band refers to the change in zone temperature results in a full range change in the equipment outputs. The smaller the Proportional Band, the more aggressively the proportional integral derivative (PID) responds.
  • Integral Time is the amount of time it takes until the integral term of the PID matches the proportional term when the PID has a constant error.
  • Saturation Time is the amount of time the PID loop is at its limit, either 0% or 100%, before saturating low or high. For example, in order to transition from economizer control to economizer + mechanical cooling, the PID for economizer must first saturate high, which is 100% output for Saturation Time.

From the PID Data section of the Commissioning menu, you can set the proportional and integral parameters for each of the control loops. If PID Tuning Type is set to Manual, the Proportional Band, Integral Time, and Saturation Time are adjustable for each loop. If switched to auto tune, the PID loop starts with the default manual values and then automatically tunes them. For each loop you can see the effective proportional band and integral time. Saturation Time is manually adjustable.