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Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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You can control using net sensors for zone control or using a hardwired return air temperature sensor. If you are using net sensors, you can connect up to five and the temperatures are averaged.

  • If multiple net sensors are wired to the controller and a net sensor becomes unreliable, the controller uses the previous average ZN-T as the input of the unreliable net sensor. This also applies to net sensors for humidity.
  • To view individual ZN-T and ZN-H under the controller, from the SBH navigate to Details > Netsensor Plug and Play > Netsensor. Search for the address of the net sensor you want to view.
  • The reliable net sensor with the lowest address on the SA bus determines the setpoint.
  • If both a net sensor and return air sensor are present, the unit controls using the net sensor.
  • If only a return air sensor is present, the unit controls to return air temperature.