Supply fan status alarm - Verasys - LIT-12013067 - LC-IOM3711-0 - LC-VAC1000-0 - LC-VAC3000-0 - Field Device - VAC1000 - VAC3000

Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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About this task

You can install a device to monitor the fan status by wiring a fan status input to the controller. This input can generate an alarm if the fan command does not match the status input that you set. If you do not install the monitoring device, the control starts when the supply fan command starts and there is no diagnostic for fan failure. If there is a loss of airflow, the system automatically attempts to restart until it receives positive status. If the status indicates that there is no airflow present, the unit does not heat or cool.

To configure the fan status alarm:


  1. From the Details menu, navigate to the Sensors section.
  2. In the field for Supply Fan Status Installed select Yes.
  3. In the Diagnostics section of the Commissioning menu, adjust the SF Alarm Delay to suit your requirements.