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Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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From the Commissioning menu, in the Heating section, you can configure staged heating. The reheat coil is staged in sequence to maintain the zone temperature setpoint. You can set the number of stages with the interface. If the reheat coil is set to 0 stages, heating is not installed. A sequencer cycles through the following stages:

  • The first stage activates at 25% command and stops at 12.5% command.
  • The second stage activates at 50% command and stops at 37.5% command.
  • The third stage activates at 75% command and stops at 62.5% command.
  • The fourth stage activates at 100% command and stops at 87.5% command.

The Rotate Enable option, when set to Enable, controls the stages to balance runtime equally. You can also set the discharge high limit. If the discharge rises above the Supply Air Setpoint Heating Max setpoint, which is initially set to 130°F, heating slows or stops.