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Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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Setting schedules on the controller defines the occupancy mode. You can also synchronize schedules from the SBH. In the Status menu of the controller, you can override occupancy mode by changing the Occupancy Override. If you override the schedule, the controller disregards the schedule until you reset the Occupancy Override to the Not Set state. From the Status menu on the homepage, you can see the current Occupancy Status.

On the Commissioning menu, in the Setpoints section, the controller uses the Temperature Setpoint and Deadband to configure setpoints in the occupied state. The Deadband determines the difference between the heating and cooling setpoints. The system cools or heats to the Effective Heating and Cooling Setpoints.

In occupied mode, you can enable the Occupancy BI Enabled input in the Sensors section of the Details menu. If you configure the binary input, the unit expects a contact that results in different outcomes depending on whether or not the contact is made:

  • If the contact occurs, the binary input sets the unit to occupied mode.
  • If the contact does not occur, the binary input sets the unit to standby mode.

An example of a typical device that you can use as a binary input is a motion sensor or relay connected to a lighting circuit.