Economizer fault detection - Verasys - LIT-12013067 - LC-IOM3711-0 - LC-VAC1000-0 - LC-VAC3000-0 - Field Device - VAC1000 - VAC3000

Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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To use this feature, you must wire the mixed air feedback to the controller with the mixed air temperature sensor. The controller uses the sensors to detect the five faults shown in Table 1.

Note: You can use the NS sensor NS-BTB7F03-x to display the error code, the temperature, and the local setpoint for the controller.
Note: You can also view the faults on the onboard display or on the SBH for further notifications.
Table 1. Economizer fault list
Display text Display text California Title 24 economizer fault condition Possible problem

Err 00

Air temperature sensor failure/fault

There is a problem with one of the air temperature sensors. Check the Outdoor Air, Return Air, or Supply Air sensors.

Err 01

Not economizing when it should

The economizer is not using outdoor air when it should.

Err 02

Economizing when it should

The economizer is allowing outdoor air inside when the conditions are not suitable for economizer operation.

Err 03

Damper not modulating

The economizer damper does not modulate properly.

Check the damper, linkage to actuator, or the actuator.

Err 04

Excess outdoor air

The economizer is allowing excess outdoor air inside.