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Verasys Constant Volume Controller Application Note

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From the Diagnostic section of the Commissioning menu, you can configure the following diagnostic alarms:

  • Fan Runtime - generates a maintenance alarm with a fan runtime counter, a fan runtime reset, and a fan runtime limit setpoint. Set the runtime limit to a level at which you want to receive the alarm. When the limit is reached, the alarm generates. Use the runtime reset to reset the alarm when maintenance is finished.
  • Supply Fan Alarm - generates an alarm if the supply fan command does not match the status input within the time frame you set.
    Note: For the supply fan alarm you must install a device to monitor fan functionality and wire it to the fan status input. See the Supply fan status alarm section for more details.
  • Heat Cool Alarm - generates an alarm if there is a heating or cooling request and the temperature does not fall below the heat cool alarm differential setting within the heat cool alarm delay. This indicates that there is a fault with the heating or cooling.
  • Zone Temperature - an alarm generates if the following situation occurs: the zone temperature rises or falls below the effective cooling or effective heating setpoint greater or less than the zone temperature alarm offset value, and it remains above or below that band for more than the zone temperature alarm delay.
  • Title 24 Economizer Alarm
  • Service Alarm Point - generates an alarm to Verasys to perform a service. Choose between Service, Service Priority, or Critical.