Introduction - Verasys - LIT-12013606 - LC-SBH200-0 - BACnet integration - Verasys System - 4.0

Verasys BACnet MS/TP Integration Technical Bulletin

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Verasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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This document describes how BACnet® controllers, both those from Johnson Controls® and third party suppliers, integrate into the Verasys system through the Smart Building Hub (SBH).

BACnet controllers integrate with the SBH through BACnet MS/TP communications. The SBH monitors and supervises a network of BACnet devices and acts as a BACnet workstation for all integrated controllers. The operator views data on a local web user interface hosted on the SBH or on the Verasys Enterprise user interface hosted in the cloud.

BACnet integration provides the following major functions:
  • The SBH can interface with objects in third-party BACnet controllers.
  • The SBH can provide extended supervisory functions for objects integrated from the connected third-party BACnet controllers. These extended functions are similar to those that Verasys provides natively for Smart Equipment controllers from Johnson Controls.
Note: BACnet integration is not supported in Verasys SBH releases that are earlier than release 4.0. Visit for the latest update files and instructions.