Modifying or customizing parameters as part of point configuration - Verasys - LIT-12013606 - LC-SBH200-0 - BACnet integration - Verasys System - 4.0

Verasys BACnet MS/TP Integration Technical Bulletin

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As part of the point configuration, a user has the ability to modify or customize certain parameters.

Table 1. Point configuration options for a profile
Option Description
Change name You can change the name of the point. The name appears in the SBH and in the Verasys Enterprise user interfaces.
Display options You can choose whether the point appears on the respective local user interface view or on the home page. The view that you can select depends on the object type, for example, inputs, outputs, or parameters.
Metadata tags You can apply metadata tags to the point to specify the type of data that the point represents, for example zone temperature setpoint, and so on. These tags determine if the point shows an option in some of the native Verasys features.
Alarm extension

Select the Alarm checkbox to add alarms. Specify the low limit and high limit conditions, the corresponding messages, differential, delay, and the priority for the alarm.

This action creates an alarm object when you apply this profile to a device.

Trend extension

Select the Trend checkbox to add trends. This action creates a trend object when you apply this profile to a device.

The trend objects are created with predefined settings based on the object type. You can view the trend objects on the Trend view of the device navigation screen when you apply the profile to a device.

Schedule extension Select the Schedule checkbox to specify that Verasys schedules can include this point. Create separate schedule objects under the Schedules view.