Verify connectivity to the SBH300 - Verasys - LIT-12014322 - Network gateway - Airwall - 5.0

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To verify that you have connectivity to the SBH300, use the HIP Networks View. The HIP Networks View provides you with information about the device, including the IP and ID; the Conductor connection status; the network policies and the option to ping networks.

Figure 1 shows the user is connected to the Americas Conductor (cond‑amera‑ The Overlay networks (Devices) tab displays the devices you trust. If you view this right after the completion of your install, select Ping opened network. This initiates traffic from your Airwall Agent, building a HIP tunnel to the SBH300 shown in your list. If the SBH300 can accept ICMP (ping) inbound, it provides a time in the Ping result column. If it does not accept ICMP, it says timed out. This does not always mean you don’t have connectivity to the device(s), just that you cannot ping it. It is highlighted in green if you have connectivity to the device.

You can view the IP address of your connected SBH300 from the Overlays tab, in the Device IP column. To connect to the SBH300, enter this IP address in your browser.

Figure 1. HIP Networks View
Note: Another option to view the same information is to log on to your remote access user portal. See Figure 2. It also identifies the remote SBH300 that you have trust with. You can access the remote access user portal at the following link:
Figure 2. My Airwall Agents