Introduction - Triatek - LIT-12013911 - xMS-2000 - Critical Environment Display - Version 2.0

xMS-2000 Display Firmware Update Installation Guide

Product name
Critical Environment Display
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Installation Guide
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Version 2.0
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This guide explains how to install the drivers and update the firmware for the xMS-2000 displays. You can update the firmware in the field at version 1.1.0.-36 for the FMS-2000C or 1.1.M-35 for the FMS-2000M or newer. Check the version of your firmware in the FMS-2000M under Settings > Diagnostics > About this FMS > Display Firmware. For the FMS-2000C, check Settings > Diagnostics > About this FMS > Device Info > Software Version.

Note: If your firmware is older than version 1.1.0.-36 for the FMS-2000C, or 1.1.M-35 for the FMS-2000M, contact support through

Necessary equipment

  • 1/16 in. hex wrench
  • USB Type-A to Micro USB-B cable. Ensure the cable is capable of both data transfer and power supply.

Before you begin

  • The update procedure erases all non-default settings.
    1. For the FMS-2000M, document the settings.
    2. For the FMS-2000C, save settings with the Settings > Diagnostics > Settings > Save Settings option. Settings relevant to the controller are saved after the update. The display module settings are reset after the update, for example, password settings, the number of displayed parameters, or screen brightness. Document these settings before you update.
  • Download the necessary firmware, FlashTools, and drivers from the License Portal and save them on your computer. See the following sections for instructions on how to access the License Portal.
    Note: If you have an earlier version of FlashTools, delete it and replace it with the newest version on the License Portal.
  • To remove the display from the wall and gain access to the Micro USB port, loosen the set screw with a 1/16 in. hex wrench. Ensure the display is turned on.