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Venturi Air Valve Product Bulletin

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Venturi Valve
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Figure 1. Venturi Air Valve

Venturi Air Valves play a critical role in room pressure containment applications to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Venturi Air Valves are a position-based flow control device that relies on factory calibration instead of real-time flow measurement by a flow sensor. Venturi Air Valves do not feature sensors in the air stream, which allows for safe and reliable operation in various caustic environments where flow sensors need regular maintenance. This robust design gives Venturi Air Valves an advantage in critical environments with many years of reliable service.

Venturi Air Valves are mechanically pressure independent due to a spring-loaded cone design. As the duct pressure fluctuates, the spring-loaded cone assembly rides these pressure waves to maintain a consistent volumetric flow, regardless of the duct static pressure variances. This mechanism provides immediate speed of response to duct pressure changes and does not require actuator movement.

Venturi Air Valves use fast-acting electric actuators that provide a rapid response to changes in conditions and dynamic air flow requirements. This rapid response ensures that room pressure containment is maintained to protect people from airborne threats such as viruses, chemicals, and particulates.