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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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The HMS1655 includes two dedicated thermistor inputs to measure and monitor resistive temperature sensors or thermistors. You can configure these inputs for use with negative temperature coefficient (NTC) Type 2 or Type 3 thermistors from BAPI or other manufacturers. BAPI manufactures several combination temperature and humidity sensor products which are ideal for use with the HMS-1655 for complete room monitoring and control applications. Use BAPI part no. BA/10K-2-H200-R, a combination temperature and humidity sensor that includes a NTC Type 2 thermistor to sense temperature and a ±2% humidity transmitter with a 0 V to 10 V output.

To set up the thermistor inputs:

  1. On the second page of the Analog Inputs Setup menu, tap Thermistor Input 1 or Thermistor Input 2 to open the Thermistor x Settings configuration screen. From this configuration popup, you can specify which type of NTC thermistor device is connected and the engineering units display the monitored temperature on the main screen.
  2. If the thermistor input is used as part of a temperature control scheme, tap Next at the Thermistor x Settings popup to open the setpoint entry configuration screenwhere you can enter a target temperature setpoint. Map the thermistor input to one of the analog outputs configured for PID control mode.
  3. To display the monitored temperature on the main screen, set the temperature display source to use the corresponding thermistor input. To configure this, tap Display Setup > Display Options. See Display setup for more information.