Adding a new password - Triatek - LIT-12014409 - HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller

HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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User Guide
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  1. To add a new password entry from the Password Setup menu, tap Add Password.
  2. On the password entry screen, enter a minimum of four and a maximum of eight digits. Tap Next to advance to the Set Menu Access Level configuration popup.
    Note: If the entry is invalid, the warning buzzer sounds and the password entry screen resets to accept a new entry.
  3. After you enter a successful password entry, select one of four menu access levels for the new entry.
    • Unrestricted Access: password owner has full access to the user menu system with no restrictions. Use this access level for any passwords established for building management personnel, managers, or any other individuals who need full unrestricted access to the user menus.
    • Standard Access: password owner has access to a very limited number of administrative menu options.
    • Basic Access: password owner has access to the user menu system, and enable minimal access to options that affect the configuration settings.
    • Restricted Access: limits the access level of the password owner to view some menu options, and restricts access to any options that can affect configuration settings in the unit.
    Tap OK to save the new password entry and return to the Password Setup menu.