Configuring operating mode - Triatek - LIT-12014409 - HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller

HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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User Guide
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About this task

Operating Mode uses the fume hood’s operating mode to determine when the relay output is active or inactive.


  1. If you select Operating Mode as the trigger mode for the relay output, enter whether the relay output activates or deactivates for the three different operating modes.
  2. Enter the acting mode and delay associated with the relay output. The relay output activates or deactivates when the timer expires, dependent on the acting mode selected for the relay output.
  3. If the HMS1655 is configured for a sash switch with a delay setting greater than zero, then the sash switch delay countdown occurs before the relay output delay countdown begins. Otherwise, the relay output delay countdown begins immediately after it achieves the trigger condition.