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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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If you select one of the secondary analog outputs from the Analog Outputs Setup menu, the Select AO-x Settings configuration popup appears. You can select eitherDirect or PID as the operating mode for this analog output resource, as well as the signal range for this control output. You can use the hardware configuration DIP switch on the controller module to choose between voltage and current mode for the analog output. See the HMS-1655 Wiring and Installation Guide for more information on how to configure the analog output hardware resources.


  1. To open the Set Upper Limit and Set Lower Limit configuration screen when the operating mode and output range are specified, tap Next . You can specify both an upper and lower limit that the analog output does not exceed. This feature is useful for those applications that require a minimum output at the control signal for an air flow damper.
  2. Tap Next to open the final Select AO-x Settings configuration popup. You can remap the analog output to one of the other analog inputs and change the action mode for the control output.
    Note: For example, if analog output 2 is used in a temperature control application that receives the temperature signal through thermistor input 2, select TI-2 in the Select Input Channel section of the configuration popup.