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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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The Analog Input option on the Controller Setup menus enables configuration of the sidewall sensor input as required by the specific application. This option opens the Sidewall Sensor Settings configuration screen. At this configuration screen, you can specify whether or not to enable the linearization of the sensor input, and whether or not to invert the analog input signal. The Inverted Mode option is useful if the actual sidewall sensor connected to the HMS1655 was inadvertently installed backwards and if the reference and monitor ports of the velocity sensor are reversed. The Inverted Mode is equivalent to the manual reversal of the installation orientation of the sidewall sensor assembly.
Figure 1. Sidewall sensor settings configuration


  1. To open the Sidewall Sensor Settings configuration screen, tap Next.
  2. You can select the engineering units, the voltage, or the current range for the sensor input. The sidewall sensor input defaults to the 0 V to 5 V range. To open the Enter Occupied Setpoint configuration screen, tap Next.