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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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About this task

The HMS1655 alarm resources provide support for both visual and audible alerts. The Audible Alert option on the Controller Setup menus enables configuration of the alarm buzzer settings. This option opens the alarm buzzer settings. At this configuration screen, you can individually enable each analog input for audible alerts.


  1. To open the next Alarm Buzzer Settings configuration screen, tap Next. You can select the alarm buzzer for Audible Mode or Silent Mode. If you select audible mode, enter the delay time in seconds or minutes.
  2. If you select silent mode, the alarm buzzer does not sound whenever the unit enters alarm status. If you select audible mode, tap Next to open the Alarm Buzzer Settings configuration screen to specify an Alarm Quiet Period. This feature enables suppression of the audible alerts between the specified hours every day which eliminates the potential for nuisance alarms. Laboratories can use this feature to minimize nuisance alarms during the unoccupied hours of each day.