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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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About this task

The Field Calibration option on the Fume Hood Setup menu opens the filed calibration pop up screen, where you can calibrate the mounted velocity sidewall sensor after you complete installation. See Figure 1 for more information. The exhaust damper automatically moves to the closed position to facilitate setting the zero input.


  1. At the Field calibration popup screen, temporarily cap the sidewall velocity sensor to inhibit flow air flow and wait for the reading to stabilize before you continue.
  2. When the face velocity reading stabilizes, tap Next to advance to the next step of the calibration procedure where you can manually override the analog output to achieve a face velocity of approximately 100 ft/min.
  3. When the face velocity reaches approximately 100 ft/min, tap Next to continue with the next step of the calibration procedure.
  4. Uncap the sidewall sensor, set the sash to a height of 18 in., and measure the face velocity at three locations across the sash opening with a calibrated flow meter. Use the slider to enter the average of the three measurements on the Field calibration popup screen.
  5. Tap OK to save the new calibration to non-volatile memory.
    Figure 1. Field calibration popup screen